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Cars are virtually undrivable (broken)
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When driving a vehicle in dayz the frames drop to 0 and the game freezes anywheres beetween 1-10 seconds. After the hang, the car slingshots in a random direction at high speeds. In result of that there is a high risk to destroy your vehicle and start over again.

Another game breaking bug i came across while driving a vehicle is when i was driving through a town and feathering the brake trying not to go above a certain speed because of the sling shot bug. The car lifted off the ground hovered in mid-air, started to barrel roll and red line. After that car still barrel rolling and redlining it dives to the ground glitching under the map with me in it.

This is game breaking and needs to be the main focus in the the next patch. Not weapons. Make the game stable in all areas. I hope this information was helpful.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Just drive through any town on the road. Feather the throttle.

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