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I had logged out of US-NY server 8677 and then tried to rejoin a few moments later but could not find that server on the server browser list. I assumed that since the server population was high that in those few moments I was logged off the server filled up. The default filter settings for viewing “Full” severs is set to “disabled” and when I tried to change it multiple times to “Show” I would get a prompt that read “unable to get severs” and the list would read 0/0. Basically I cannot find the server I was just in on the browser list and the mentioned above aspect of the browser filter did not work. Multiple hard resets of the Xbox did not remedy the situation. I inquired at this point to a friend who was still online in the server how many people were on and I was told 8. He tried sending me an invite to play the game through Xbox live and once accepted all HUD elements of of the home screen disappeared and nothing happened for about 1 minute at which point a prompt appeared and informed me that I was “kicked off the game (timed out)”


Operating System
Windows 7
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The series of events and actions described above lasted for about 30 minutes and I am now in the sever playing again. However the bugs with the disappearing HUD on the home screen (all that can be seen is the animated scene with your character posing) persist when trying to accept Xbox live game invites no matter what as well as the server filter customization.

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