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Assault rifles not spawning at military bases
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M4/AK rifles don't seem to be spawning anymore at military bases, a bit like before the update I can't find any at all. Maybe another issue with duping or just the server thinks there are too many already on the server when in fact there are close to 0 in lootable areas. I've held off reporting this for a few days incase I have been having bad luck, but i'm quite sure theres an issue after the amount of military bases ive looted recently without finding any. Having this issue on EU - NL 0867, so maybe its just this server.


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Windows 7
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jwonka added a subscriber: jwonka.Aug 22 2019, 1:07 AM

I searched NWAF for hours one night and found nothing but lots of sk. Thought it was just tough luck. The next three nights I encountered the same result after spending another 4+ hours searching with friends. Am I just the anti ak man or..?

Herc_the_Great added a subscriber: Herc_the_Great.EditedAug 23 2019, 6:31 PM

I've been hitting tisy, nwaf, and troitske regularly and still nothing. After the wipe I hauled my ass up there and found plenty, now there's nothing. Not even sks