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Cars traveling
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Vehicles like to start rocking and wheels bounce alot when driving higher and lower speeds throughout the map. Creates the car to rocking motion then goes airborne and flips and shakes vehicle. Also vehicles dont go up hills at all in 1st gear. Found myself serpentineing uphill through trees and grass rather than on the dirt road or pavement. Also tire rotation sounds on ground when vehicle is unbuilt and has a few or one wheel attached. Also game crashes when traveling a far distance at low or high rates of speed. Putting things in your hands before getting behind wheel is bad idea due to game crash. Losing items in hands behind wheel when game crashes in moving vehicle.


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
Xbox one OG, External Hardrive wired game download.
Steps To Reproduce

Simply drive a few vehicles in a few different servers. Dont forget to put something in your hands like a gun or item before driving to see game crash and vehicle physics.

Additional Information

Please fix this also the frame rates need addressed when driving and watching landscape loading and towns loading.

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