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DAYZ v1.04 Duplication of items on PlayStation 4 and XBOX after the server kicked.
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Good day!
If you put an object on the ground and make the server kick the player, then go back to the same server objects are duplicated. The item that was thrown to the ground remains on the server and also the item remains in the player’s hands or backpack. Thus, I managed to duplicate as many as three out of one SG5-K. The server kick is sometimes repeated if you use look pick.


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
PlayStation 4
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Put the item on the ground, in a tent or something else
  2. Start closing all the doors with a lock pick and run away from the place where the object lies
  3. Wait until the server kicks you
  4. go back to the same server
  5. return to the place where you left the item
  6. make sure that the item remains in place and also in the player’s inventory and is duplicated

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