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Items disappear
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I was at north west military base (username harrym015) in the middle of a fight when I opened my inventory to get some bandages. I then could not leave my inventory for a min or so and when I did I found my ka 74 would not let me load a magazine into it, I then relogged into the server to see if that would fix it but when I logged back in the ka had vanished from my inventory leaving me with nothing to defend myself with, if possible could this be returned to me? It’s happened a few times now with compasses and other items being removed completely from existence but nothing as substation As the ka until now


Operating System
Windows 7
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I go into my inventory and find I cannot leave it for some time so i press pause and unpause and then it lets me but things disappear from my inventory at random

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Please fix this or give me back my items as I have no way of defending myself and am in the middle of the north west part of the map. I spend ages grinding for these things and it’s frustrating that I lose it to the game not working