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Gun clips locked
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This has been happening since before the update, we shoot our guns a little and then the clip locks inside. This is very annoying due to us now having a-74’s which one did this and it is completely useless until you fix it :( the clip shows it’s not there, but it is and we cannot remove it or replace it. It has happened with our M4’s our KA-74 and a USG. Please fix this urgently!


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Windows 7
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Jeanietheweird1 triaged this task as Immediate priority.

Yes this has happened to me multiple times and happened today, weapon jammed it didn't allow me to clear the chamber with triangle. I removed the mag and kept the gun till the fight was over, logged hoping it would be fixed but no. There was a unremovable mag with 0 rounds in it but it allowed me to clear the jam but not reload, I don't want to ditch it and have it work for some bot that comes along. Plus I have 8 mags for it and ammo for all the mags and more

As well, it did not happen to me until the recent update