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Fix Your Barrels plz
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My Group and I are trying to create a base so were storing things in a barrel close by. 80% of the time when we try to remove items from the barrel IE. Hammers, Bike Locks, Weapons ect. we are unable to drop items out of the barrel or put items in our inventory OR put items into our hands. We keep logging in and out of the game to try and fix it but that works only a fraction of the time. This is such an infuriating glitch were trying to set up walls to proctect our things but the hammer and fence kit are stuck in the barrel and we keep getting robbed.


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Windows 7

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Blunt added a subscriber: Blunt.Aug 20 2019, 1:33 AM

same issues with tents of all sizes, backpacks, ehh really any & every container. Generally have to wait for a server reset & hope you can grab it

Have to ask tho if ya stuff is glitched in a barrel how are other people stealing it?