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Car freeze - Screen freezes while car in motion so cannot steer to avoid crashing
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{F1160914}While driving a car (Happened to me 10+ times in ADA 4x4 and Gunter 2 personally) the screen freezes and I cannot steer or brake the car, resulting in a crash and ruined car. Freezing occurs randomly at any point in cities or on a countryside road or train track and can last between 3-10 seconds. Often occurs at speeds above 30 km/h but may occur at any speed. Today I was driving a Gunter 2 by myself on a road to Svergino, driving about 40km/h in gear 2. I was driving normally for a few minutes until the screen froze but I can still hear the engine running for 2 seconds until the screen remains frozen but also all audio cuts out. About 5 seconds later the screen changes and my car is crashed into a wall about 30m away from where I last saw myself driving, I am unable to see or steer or brake. This has occurred to me on many different official servers in uk and nl regions, most recently nl-0867 while driving a Gunter 2.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

While driving from one place to another place, the car will freeze around every 2 minutes of driving. Sometimes on a straight road I will remain on the road and the car remains undamaged, but if the freeze occurs while approaching a bend or wall then the car usually gets ruined and hours of looting car parts is lost.

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Aidandayz97 updated the task description. (Show Details)Aug 19 2019, 4:33 PM

Does this still happen

Change your view to 1st person,thats how you will reduce lag a bit

I can confirm this on several occasions; funnily other passengers will not have the lag but will witness the crash at full consciousness...

Still happening in first or not screen freezes n bam