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I have been spending over 8 hours trying to get parts for an Olga car. After succeeding in doing this I drive up to my base with my materials and unloaded when I got there. I logged back in the next morning and the far had gone. I took the battery and spark plug out and buried them. I know no one has entered my base as nothing is missing. This has happened a few times. My car keeps despawning after using it once. This seriously needs to be fixed . And another note when I put items in my barrel or other storage I have to log out and log back in to get it back. Please patch this and the car despawning problem urgently. This is how you lose your custom. If this isn't resolved I can see slot of people including myself losing interest in playing this and telling others their reviews before newbies are thinking of buying it.


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Please fix this huge problem ..the frame rates can't keep up. Cars despawn after using once, usually gone within minutes. Items can't be picked back out of storage until you log out and back in again.

When you park your car please try to ensure you have adequate space around it for it to rotate a full 360% on its axis. This seems to be a key thing in preventing despawning as whilst the vehicles may spawn in and initially render in one direction, they then need to rotate to the specific direction you left them in. If they cannot do this due to an item blocking their path then they tend to despawn (from personal experience).


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