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Items in tents/barrels and other containers will become stuck. A server reblog does not fix this issue. Almost 200 slots on a large tent can become stuck and unable to grab items. This is very frustrating..

Loot spawns are wonky. Rare ammo spawns more than uncommon weapons. I loot cycled VMC for 22 hours straight and had nothing but boxes of rare ammo and 3 sks'? On PC I am able to find atleast a KA and mag. Xbox has serious issues with loot spawning and items becoming stuck these are the 2 most important things that need to be addressed as many players a leaving the game again realizing yes there is new content but no the game isnt in a playable state.... PLEASE FOCUS ON IVENTORY SYSTEMS LOOT ECONOMY AND ITEMS BECOME STUCK IN CONTAINERS. I DONT WANT TO JUMP OVER A FENCE I WANT TO BE ABLE TO GRAB A DAMN CAN OF FOOD FROM A BARREL INSTEAD OF HAVING TO WAIT FOR A RESTART...

Please if Bohemia actually reads this. Take it seriously. The items and item spawns are broken and frustrating.


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
Xbox 1
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Steps are defined as normal gameplay, place item in tent/barrel or other container and item immediately becomes stuck. Server does not register the item in the tent but still displays icon and removes item from personal iventory. The tent there for displays the item but the item cannot be used/ grabbed or interacted with in anyway. Server restart does not always fix this issues, same with relogging...

With item spawns I no for a fact 9x39 is meant to be a super rare ammo type but is more abundant than 7.62x39 and vice versa with weapons. I dont mind assault rifles being hard to find but if I manage to find 1 I will lose it because of the items in game being unstable.

LOOT IN GAME IS UNSTABLE AND YOU CANNOT GARUNTEE YOUR LOOT WILL SATY WHERE IT IS AND BE READY TO USE. This has literally broken the game for me and with no resolvment soon I will be looking for a refund as the game is suppose to be full release but is still in a very unplayable state. I have reported the condition of the game to Microsoft and Sony so they are also aware the game is in an unplayable state.

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Just sort it out for fucks sake. It's only the items that are the biggest issues. Loot should be the 1st thing to be stable and not bugged considering we need them to play the game.

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