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Items stuck in containers
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Items stuck in containers


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Windows 10
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I have two items stuck in a medium tent (light blue) the other is a barrel (blue). I am playing in Australia on ps4 with version 1.04.152253. On a public ps4 server "dayz AS - sy 0045"

Tent - I was moving things from the barrel to the tent so I could move the barrel.
As I was moving them, I accidentally picked up an item and replaced it with my M4 -A1 !!!!!!!! normally I would just leave whatever was stuck but in need that gun and it took me ages to find it. Id there anyway I can get it back ?.

Barrel - same thing I was moving the item out of the barred, I swapped my head head touch (its a red one not sure if this matters) with another on to see if it had a battery and it is now stuck in there with my battery in it.

I have logged in and out of the server multipliable time with no luck of retrieving my items, I have shut down my ps4 and restarted it. No luck
after the restart the menu for the barrel was not visible. I could still scroll through it but still can't get the head torch or the m4-a1 out.
No other items are affected in either medium tent or the barrel. To this has been happening to me allot in the game in all kinds of containers, IM not 100% but is seams to happen more at night.

Please sort this out, as I spent ages getting the m4-a1.

I have done some more investigating, I now have a few more items stuck in crafted wooden crates, I have figured out, that it is when an item goes from my hand in to the container also every time I log on to the sever I hear the noise that it would make if I was putting the m4-a1 in to a container. Hope this helps you guys fix my problem.cheers

Kind regards Glenn Massey

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On a public ps4 server "dayz AS - sy 0045"

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