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“Duct tape glitch now kills you”
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Doing the “duct tape glitch” which is tying yourself up when your roll is on its last bar to refresh the roll will now result in your hands being tied but you’re unable to struggle out and free yourself for me I could still access my radial wheel (whatever you wanna call it) and could still jog but couldn’t access my inventory and my hands weren’t actually tied on my screen and when trying to log out was prompted I would die which eventually happened an hour later when the server reset only for me to lose everything and reload in as a fresh spawn


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

I’ve heard it happens after a few times of doing the glitch with one roll of tape (friends said only do the glitch a few times per roll but I all together avoid doing the glitch at all now)

Additional Information

Friends hands were tied on his screen when it happened to him and he couldn’t run but for me I could still jog and switch to different items on my wheel but couldn’t access my inventory very frustrating after a long looting session at NWAF love the game and can’t wait until these bugs are fixed also duct tape is glitched when I put it into a new wooden crate I’m unable to take it out and a side note a wooden crate I made won’t let me take out items inside it unless I take one thing out before putting another item in I realize it’s an entirely different thing but figured I’d throw it in here while someone’s reading thanks for the awesome game and all the work you do looking forward to seeing how this game runs another year from now <3

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This only happened to me when i was duct taped and at the same time the game/server crashed