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Hunters knife unable to move from hand
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Hi - have hunters knife equipped in hand, unable to be moved to inventory or dropped to ground.

When I select to equip the knife into the sheath on belt by selecting equip it does nothing. When I try to drop to ground it stays in hand but highlights the top left item box with nothing in it.

Have also tried to select quick wheel function, which has the knife as an item but still does nothing. Have tried selecting another item and does nothing.

Can't select anything at all, not even water or food... I'm going to die for sure... lol

Before this happened I used the binoculars, then M4 and then switched to knife, all using the quick wheel function...

Earlier before this happened, the mag for M4 would not load or be put into weapon... tried lots of different things, eventually I got a different mag in and then holding down Y worked...

Two bugs I had encountered today.


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
xbox one x
Steps To Reproduce

Using quick wheel selected binoculars, M4 and then knife. Was laying down when tried to put knife back into its sheath...

Additional Information

Cant select food or water, I'm surrounded by zombies and going to die of hunger or dehydration... please save me..

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Mayzee created this task.Aug 14 2019, 5:01 AM