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M4 magazine glitched.
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M4 magazine has a circle with a line through it and won’t let me remove it from the gun. I’ve tried putting the gun on the ground and taking out the magazine but it won’t come out. It’s also unable to fire even with ammo in the magazine.


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Windows 7

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nate007 created this task.Aug 13 2019, 8:57 AM
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Nightmare780 added a subscriber: Nightmare780.EditedAug 14 2019, 7:19 AM

Yeah, this happened 5 times to my buddy, guns broken after this happens. I'm gonna try and reproduce the bug. Did you log with the gun in your hands ? What were u doing before it broke and wouldn't load. Out of my whole team it's happened 5 times to my bud, once to me and once to our other member. It doesn't seem to be a specific weapon either. Ak 74, ump, m4, cr527

Its jammed I believe, unless when its jammed it shows a X instead of a circle with a line in it?
Same thing happened to my Scorpion..

Try aim with the weapon and press and hold the triangle button a few seconds so he can try to un-jam it.

It also happens with the KA-M when you eject the mag while in your hands, and the weapon in your inventory during the animation. The gun still thinks there is a mag in it. But there isn't. You will still be able to fire it but nothing will happen.