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M4 dissapears after getting "no message error"
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I was Kozlovka fixing a 4x4 car, then i get a no message error. I logged back in after a few minutes and when i spawned my M4 yhat was on my shoulder the whole time dissapeared. Verry uppsetting because i ran the whole of NWAF looking for a weapon and finally found a m4 after some hours of playing to have it taken from me. If it helps it was server NL9236 and my gamertag is Ricmysta


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Waste hours to find a M4
  2. Fix a car with 4x4 wheel in your hands and M4 on your shoulder
  3. No message error occurs
  4. Log back into server NL9236 and see M4 has disapeared from your shoulder.
Additional Information

Is there any way you can re add the m4 to my character without me running for another 45min to get to nwaf to find a m4 and have a chance to get killed trying to get back what was taken from me when no message error happend. I left dayZ because i was getting similar problems before to return to find this happening again.

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ricardoesmeraldo triaged this task as Immediate priority.

M4 doesn't spawn in the airfield... Whatever happened, they aren't going to give you a refund or a gun, keep playing through the bugs man, they will get sorted, just extremely slow

Sadly the devs won’t do anything to give you an item back. You might as well get use to this as the no message received error deletes items or places them back where you found them. If you want to find another m4 try low pop servers and look around nwaf and tisy

They have a spawn limit to make sure not everyone can get one. A low pop server will help you find what you want because of the absence of dupers