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Hacked by players in game
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You know I have been in support of this game since around it's release on p.c. and now I have purchased the game for myself on PlayStation 4 . and I stuck through tell this update and now I'm running into people who can find my i.p address . through your game and shut my internet off it's ridiculously unprofessional. and I want my 52 dollars back I could deal with the lag and the little hiccups here and there but this is by far the worst game in years to try and play on console


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Windows 7
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Piss someone off in your game to get booted off the internet

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Jay_ added a subscriber: Jay_.Aug 10 2019, 10:50 AM

Technically you can get booted from any game. This has nothing to do on BI's side. Try using a VPN if it's happening to you that often.