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Car physics
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Driving down a flat road in any of the cars and it's like you are rock climbing up a 90 degree slope. Hit any small object and the car will die forever. There are heavy gravity zones too, while driving. The car will be pushed along any of the x y z axis and the only way to escape is to floor it all the way with bakes on, and right before you red line it let off and you shoot off at 100k plus. After you move you want to slam the brakes because the gravity will keep pulling your car until it smashes and everyone is dead.


Operating System
Windows 7
Swimming and Diving
Steps To Reproduce

Take a car through a heavy render area and drive like 20 k. I would go faster but I would die from bugs and crashing.

Additional Information

Maybe make the cars look like they are on the ground but make the float. I would ask the pubg people. They had really sketchy driving mechanics too, but they sorted them out.

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