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Invisible Items
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Items, particularly those taken off of player bodies, especially in cases where the only way it'll let you get the items is by holding the item of clothing it is in in your hands and then moving it to your inventory. You won't be able to use the item (in the case of food, you wont be able to consume it, grenades cannot be unpinned etc). Upon relogging the item will disappear and someone else might have it (if they also tried to pick it up). It seems like some sort of desynchronisation issue, but hopefully you can get it sorted soon as it makes much of the gameplay somewhat innaccessible. It's definitely a new bug as it wasn't happening before the last patch, and thus I hope you guys can fix it soon. Thanks :)


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Try to get item out of player clothing

Additional Information

Similar things can also occur when another player drops clothing or items and they are not visible or accessible to other players.

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Confirmed, unfortunately relogging fixes it

Poopoobumbum, nice name. But relogging does not necessarily always fix it. And why do you say unfortunately?

Jay_ added a subscriber: Jay_.Aug 10 2019, 10:53 AM

I've been playing in a private server and all the loot I have in my tents are from NWAF or the area around. Some stuff gets stuck in there and rarely does a relog fix it. But it seems that when the server restarts it fixes it 100% of the time. Until it happens again.

Same thing, only on a public server. Items acquired from NWAF become uninteractable (if that's a word). Logging didn't help me though.

Yes this happens to me too. And no logging does not fix it. If it did my items would not disappear.

I have a private server too and it happens all the time. We need to restart the server all the time to get items out of the trunk. Yesterday we were driving from the base to the coast to search industrial sites for stuff. With a Gunter and an Olga. After we had these issues with the items in the trunk, we decided to restart the server. As we relogged, both cars were despawned with lots of loot. Not the most satisfying experience...