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One hit from zombies makes you sick, INCURABLE
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I have tried everything to make myself better after being hit once from a zombie and being sick, with no luck of curing myself. This is a game breaking bug. No one is going to want to spend a couple hours, gearing up, only to lose it all from an infection that happened because of one hit from a damn zombie.


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Hello ! Confirm it bug ! I cant cure it with 10 tetracycline tablets

The first time I got Cholera from a zombie, it took 5 tablets. Any after took 1... However, you get Cholera just standing still, cuts or PVP fights. It's definitely a bug, but it still effects your food and drink. I can only presume that it's no longer Cholera we're getting, but a virus, they just didn't create a new icon for it.

Consume vitamins, it will make it much less likely to contract. You don't need to consume a whole bottle, only a couple a day.

Also, if you consistently munch tetras, it will go away, just not immediately. Give it 1-2 ingame-days, and if you are playing with friends, get them to take tetracycline too, because many viruses can spread from player to player.