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Inventory problems, miscelanius problems
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Inventory items are often not accessible. Sometimes they are accessible for some players and for others not. Had to relog and restart the server so many times. Interactions often dont work, like eating. Lights on cars can not be switched on. How can you mess such things up that once worked? Just because you changed the controllers setup and didn‘t even test it? Are you fucking kidding me? This game is still unplayable, every uodate it gets worse. It‘s a complete ripoff. Some lawyers should look into that scam. New music doesn‘t fix it. Many nice ideas, but miserable outcome. How long will it take again for BI to react, anither 6 months? You don‘t give a fuck about the players, just take our money and you get your share from the money we spent on rental servers. It‘s a fucking shame. Fix that crap Idiots!


Operating System
Windows 7
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Test and play the fucking game before release

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You should get sued and refund players. Fucking scammers

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Schorsch created this task.Aug 9 2019, 12:13 AM