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Items Stuck in containers
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Once you put an item in a container (in using a wooden crate) it proceeds to get locked in there and u can't get it out no matter how many times u try. If u pick up the container you can get it out that way but then the item won't work and once u relog it goes right back in the container locked in there. This bug has been around since I bought the game, please do something about it bohemia. Thought this recent update was gonna save DayZ. Don't get me wrong it has but damn. Focus on fixing dayz instead of all these projects you guys got going on


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Put item in any storage. Car, barrel, backpack, etc.

*if item gets locked in then continue with steps*

  1. Press X hundreds of times
  1. Pick up Container when u finally give up pressing X.
  1. Take item out of crate as it's in ur hands.

*move item from storage to inventory

  1. Find out item isn't working.
  1. Relog
  1. Find out item was still in the crate this whole time.
  1. Rage and go find a new one because the one u had is bugged
Additional Information

PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happens in cars too

And in barrels

Feral added a subscriber: Feral.Apr 28 2020, 7:48 PM

If anyone is reading this in 2020, BI have known about this bug for over a year now, they will not do anything about, the only real way to play this game is never store items, otherwise you are guaranteed to have to stare at the item you want without ever being able to really hold it. Just give up trying and either accept your loss or stop playing this buggy trash fire of a game.

I just host my own server so I can restart it when it pulls this bs. My mates are all about to uninstall the game though :/

Ive been thinking of trying to code my own automatic restarts into the server every 30mins or so to stop it happening so frequently. If a server goes for an hour without a restart this bug will 100% occur.

Anyone get a fix for this? I’ve been playing for almost a year, I’m finally getting ready to build a base and I can’t because I can’t get to my stored equipment. It’s all locked inside my fuckin tent. Wtf?!

Yeah dont touch the game until they fix the damn bug... my solution was running my own server to restart it whenever it did it. Besides I wouldnt bother with a base, I wasted days just to find out zombies run through your constructed walls :/

_Tryme added a subscriber: _Tryme.Jun 3 2020, 9:51 AM

Hold the crate in hands and relog. This was the only way I was able to get it to work. I hope it helps and if it does please let me know. That way I know it wasn't just luck lol