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Items unrecoverable ones placed inside a container.
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Preface: I have never experienced this glitch until I raided the base of a "duper" and stored the items I took in my own tent/car.

I have an Ada 4x4 and a tent (possibly duplicated) at my base in Bogatyrka on EU UK 4433.

Both the car and the tent now have items in them that are unrecoverable. When I attempt to remove them to my hand, my inventory or just drop them to the ground nothing happens. I can't equip them. There is an LAR, and Jerrycan, a protective case, a mosin and various other ammos and items that are "stuck" inside these containers

The car only began exhibiting this glitch when items taken from the duper base were placed inside it. The tent was taken from their base, and was the first container to exhibit this glitch; the car soon afterwards. They were within 15 feet proximity of each other.

There is soon to be a wipe and my base will be gone, so I don't need the loot back, however I wanted to raise this issue incase it persists in 1.04. If duplicated loot is breaking people's containers who earned it fairly in battle, that is a big problem and creates uncertainty about looting players and keeping their gear incase their items are duplicated and those items glitch your other loot and make them unrecoverable from containers.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Placing duplicated items in a container with organically spawned loot, then relogging after server reset.

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