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M70 tundra not accurate at all.
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When using the m70 tundra shots are not accurate at all.

Sitting on a hill and using rangefinder to mark my friend at 700 meters inside the window of a house. I set the tundra to 700 meters while holding my breath and put round after round at center mass and no hits at all.

I tried this standing crouched and prone with the same results. My health, blood, food, water all full and still not hitting where I aim.

Now even at 600 meters I attempted to shoot a player on a roof logging out and I placed 4 shots center mass and nothing!

Now I understand there is a spread at that distance but not hitting the mark over 30+ shots is ridiculous! There is clearly something wrong here!


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Have a player "target" stand in a window of any house. Have the shooter sit 600 or 700 meters away. Set the tundra to the specified range and shoot center mass.

Additional Information

Also when you zoom in the vertical crosshair on the scope is not lined up correctly with the front sight on the rifle. It move right and left depending on how your laying down or standing. Not sure if that has anything to do with the accuracy problem but its worth mentioning.

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