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Server crash during base raid
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Server "US SL-2305" crashed around 9:20-9:23 PM EST during a base raid. There were approximately 40 people in the vacinity of Guglovo.

I was trying to loot a corpse to take a lockpick. I couldn't remove the lockpick from his inventory, so I removed the ruined pants he was wearing from the corpse and held them in my hands. I still couldn't take the lockpick, so I held the SQUARE button down and dropped the lockpick from the pants onto the ground. When I tried taking the lockpick from the ground, the server crashed. When I reconnected, I still had the pants in my hand along with the lockpick. It might just be a coincidence.


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My game also crashed at this time and I submitted the crash event to Sony through the UI.

Please review the logs for that server.

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