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German Voices not working on main game Dev or RC branch
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German radio protocol isn't being assigned to characters.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
1803 (build 17134.885)
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Switch to dev branch or release candidate
  2. Place down GM characters in editor
  3. Attempt to say stuff in German.
Additional Information

The radio protocol itself still seems to be working, and can be manually assigned to characters, but they default to using (the same) English protocol.

Event Timeline

With the 1.94 update this issue is now present in the main branch.

Relevant (I think?) RPT data:

19:22:18  Mission id: 9ea78535b5445ecc0caf1d50c230388c2fe8bbf4
19:22:34 No speaker given for 'Heiko Koch'
19:22:43 No speaker given for 'Olaf Kamp'
19:22:43 No speaker given for 'Boris Karpf'
19:22:43 No speaker given for 'Armin Rubel'
19:22:43 No speaker given for 'Achim Brandt'
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The issue has been found, and is caused by the enoch radio protocol overwriting every other configured language protocol, we have escalated the issue to BI to fix it on their side by properly patching the voicetypes instead of overwriting them. If for some reason whatsoever this fails on their side, we will push a GM patch that patches the enoch radio protocol.

GalComT closed this task as Resolved.Aug 9 2019, 9:38 AM

Resolved in 1.0.3192