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Audio and visual lag in big cities
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Exploring cherno with a friend he was killed by a zombie moving like mr shifty didn’t even see or hear him coming with the audio making me think I’m being followed hearing footsteps behind me at every pace. Here’s the twist. They’re mine 😱


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Windows 7

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Bintang created this task.Jul 10 2019, 9:47 AM
Bintang triaged this task as High priority.

Very big pain in the anoos love the game but this performance makes looting big cities 4x more frustrating and dangerous.

The won‘t be able to fix this within the next 6 years, because they play around with their bobs and veganis

Died so many times by lag. Just standing there, unable to move, while Zombies feast away on me. Happens mostly in/around the big towns, smaller ones not so much. So I don't bother going near big towns anymore. Shame because its great looting and hunting grounds.

And the sound glitch, I forgot to include that on my bug report. Gun fire (mine) echoes 30 seconds later, same with footsteps and open/close doors. Doesn't matter how full or empty the host is.