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Let Us PLEASE Spawn with our Teamates
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I’m tired of having to find out where I am then my teamates have to find out where we are. Being new to this game it really doesn’t help.. AT ALL


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Thank you

heaps added a subscriber: heaps.Jul 10 2019, 9:45 AM

How is this a bug? I'm sorry guys but posting this is a waste of time and I believe it's definitely not worthy of a big report.
Yes it CAN be frustrating. It CAN also be hugely rewarding to navigate yourself to find each other.
As a long time player and having played with new players I think to spawn together would ruin some of what makes Dayz great.

I would suggest using an app or website to view a map of chernarus. Use landmarks and decipher town names to get your current location. After that the challenge of navigation becomes a game in itself.

What I would like to see is the ability to find a map and use a pen or charcoal/blood to mark locations of interest.
Then if you managed to steal someone's map you would be able to view what marks they had made.