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Ran into an enemy base. See two guys outside looking like we showed up at the same time to raid it. I take one from behind by surprise inside a building. I shut the doors to avoid zombie swarm an attempt to search this guy. He had gear on when I killed him but when I went to search him showed he was bare. My friend takes a shot at the other guy an they both run into buildings to get away from zombies. After a bit an the zombies clear,my buddy an I start moving in to clear the house check to see if he logged or not we get half way thru the building an we both randomly get an error at the same time. (Never happened before) we log back in an it loads us in. I'm dead randomly, my buddy comes in getting shot at as he is logging in. My buddy gets him with a shotgun at point blank range. My guy is still standing in the same position as I was before the error not dead but bleeding.
My buddy starting to bleed. Starts to attempt to fix himself. Nothing in his bag worked couldn't pick anything up anything off of me cause i was "still alive an bleeding" but when i logged i was started fresh on a beach. Trys to loot the guy an is bare just like the first guy starts scrambling around to try an make rags. Couldnt pick anything up. So he logs out an logs back in. Still nothing worked an both my body an the other guys was just gone.( same server) my buddy ended up dying from bleeding. Hackers name was HIDDENNN916 don't remember the other guys name disappeared before we could get it. An my buddy was too busy tryna survive the encounter


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Windows 7
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More or less saltly on the matter itself. But just looking to inform others of this guy. An possibly someone catch him in the act.

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yea what happened to you wasnt them hacking it was just the game fu*king you over. the crash just randomly happens sometimes and where your friend couldnt loot anything is due to the inventory bug and where your character was standing up is a glitch too your dead but it doesnt do the animation of you falling over. you were just really unlucky rip

Dober added a subscriber: Dober.Jul 10 2019, 1:53 PM

dont go around n call ppl Hackers just bc you got fucked

Lolz dudes went from full kit to bare not even clothes on the second I killed him. Then got an error at the same time as my buddy an the guy in the same room didn't. Then he went bare when my friend killed him like the first guy. Plus couldnt use his shit after a full reload of the app. All I'm saying is too many coincidences an inconviences only on our end an full reload of the app. Doesnt seem likely. I understand this game is glitchy an buggy I've been playing it since day one it came out. I've seen them all but I haven't seen the sudden bare body's one till then an then the other 4 glitches to happen simultaneously. Just seems extremely unlikely.