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falling through a tower
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so i was at the airfield and just killed a guy with a m4 and a lar i had at least 170 rounds for the m4 and about 100 for the lar with a atog scope and all and i was running up the tower to get a better view around me and when i got to the top my character started to glitch through the floor so my body was have through the floor and it just kept glitching like i was stuck so i jumped and i fell through that floor and all the other ones like they wernt even extremely mad bc i paid 50 dollars to play this game to never find m4 or lars and when i finally do i dont even get killed by players but by the stupid’s highly annoying bc the 30 plus times i died is either to zombies glitching my game crashing and losing everything or just falling through the map....i really want my stuff back day z please help me out bc i flippp my psn is xavier420k


Operating System
Windows 7

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