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I went to devils castle and someone was starting to make a base at the bottom of one of the towers they had a car tent on top of the tower so i decided to wait it out and see if he was gonna come back the way the tent was i was behind the stairs on the top of the tower behind the tent i heard dude run up he was super fast i shot at him with my ka-m and missed he came around the tent with a shotgun and killed me i quickly respawned on the northeast coast and got back to the castle within 40 or so mins when i arrived dude was still there i shot him with a shotgun and took my stuff that he had after i looked for my body cause he did not have all my stuff my body was on the ground on the outside of the castle tower everthing but wt was in my hands ( KA-m) was on the ground with my body except my gun that i was shooting with so i looked up and seen it was about a quarter of the way down from the top of the tower floating in mid air i tryed everything to pick it up i shot the gun nothing happened i went under it couldn't see it in vesinity and it was to high to reach i tryed laying on the edge of the top of the tower couldn't reach it and it would not pop up in vesinity i tryed to walk down the steps where the gun was located on the other side of the wall and see if it would pop up in vesinity couldn't see it Rip rare gun!


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