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Zombies appearing out of nowhere
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I was in a building and then out of no where a zombie appeared out of nowhere and one hit me and knocked me unconscious and they killed me please fixed this your zombies are too aggressive and are too fast and too smart too strong this is getting to be a problem ive encounter and the shotguns are too over powered and have way too much range


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Windows 7

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luciferwayne98 triaged this task as Immediate priority.

While this person is incredibly salty in his complaints, they are valid complaints. Zombies seem to spawn randomly and without care of where the player is in relation. Multiple times I've killed an industrial zone of zombies that swarmed, went to check a garage, turn around and 8+ more zombies just appeared infront of me. You should have some sort of safe bubble for zombie spawns, or try to make them not spawn within LOS of the PCs mob or vice versa.

Shotguns ARE too strong, just search anywhere on youtube. They can easily oneshot fully kitted players at 40Metres with buck, and slugs can reach out and onetap people in the legs or arms at 100~Metres. I just think they need to do less penetration to armor, or have a negative modifier.