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No AR's Spawning
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I've been playing DayZ every day since launch, I must have been to around 200 bases and I've literally found one AR and that was from someone I killed. I've looked at hundreds of different guides so I know exactly where I should be going to find them, is anything gonna be done about this?


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Rae_1999 created this task.Jul 5 2019, 12:13 AM
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Cheiftax added a subscriber: Cheiftax.EditedJul 5 2019, 6:08 PM

I’ve heard a lot of mixed things from players in the game, but it’s my understanding that they took the M4 spawn out of the game with the exception of crashed helicopters. Same with the AK, but people I have run into claim they found some at the NWAF (North West AirField). Players have told me that they took the spawns out because the people have been duplicating them using an exploit someone found. I have only played one server since I’ve started and have only gotten an AK from another player. Never from a fresh item spawn. Hope this helps explain it a little.