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Plate Carrier Pouch Bug: Unable to reload
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I have found that any magazines that you have in the pouches of the plate carrier vest are unable to be reloaded with the quick reload button (triangle).
If I put the magazines into any other part of the my inventory, for example my pants, then it is able to be used for a reload. I have also found that some items aren’t able to be combined with the object in your hands if the object that you are combining it with is in the pouch inventory slot. This bug has gotten me killed and I hope you can do something to fix it. It took me a few tries to make sure it was the plate carrier pouch, but anyone running into this glitch for the first time in a firefight is almost guaranteed to be killed.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Having a magazine in the plate carrier pouch will cause it to be unable to be used for a quick reload (pressing triangle) as soon as it is moved to another unit of clothing, it is able to be used normally. I have tried it with a USG-45 in worn condition, with both the magazine and ammunition in pristine condition, and an FX-45 in the same conditions as the USG.

Additional Information

It seems that some items cannot be combined with an item in your hands if it is in the pouch as well. For example, I have tried to reload a magazine using bullets from my plate carrier pouch and they were unable to be used. I would press circle, and it would close the inventory menu and cause my character to toggle crouch but the bullets don’t seem to be able to be loaded. I have not tested this bug to any extent.

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