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Being Handcuffed breaks weapons
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I handcuffed my friend while he was holding an M4 rifle. After picking up the rifle again it would not shoot despite being fully loaded, and all parts in working condition.
The M4 would sound as if it was empty, and trying to drop the mag resulted in the mag visibly being removed from the model, but it still says it is in the gun.
We tested this again with an FX-45 and found the same issue.

We decided it would be funny to try to suicide at the same time using the broken guns, but to our surprise both weapons fired successfully killing us both, even though they would not shoot 2 minutes prior.

Logging off the server and rejoining did not fix the issue.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

-Hold a working, loaded weapon in your hands
-Have somebody handcuff you
-The weapon will fall on the floor. When it is picked up it will no longer fire, except by doing the suicide emote

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