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Please find a way bohemia of fixing duplication on xbox it’s seriously ruining the game for everybody we literally have to kill people with a miracle to even get any decent loot all the dupers have a huge advantage over us fair players and would really appreciate if this was resolved as soon as possible


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Windows 7
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people will find ways to duplicate by dropping their gear and quickly joining another server this then glitches the system by letting them keep their gear in the other server they just joined but leaving their old gear they have dropped on the old server allowing them to go back and pick up their dropped gear but still have the glitched gear

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i know yall have tried fixing this multiple times but in my honest opinion i think this is the biggest problem as of now and it needs to be solved immediately so i can start playing this wonderful game again

i think a solution would be if you drop any gear and leave the server then the gear you just dropped would despawn

Bohemia doesn‘t give a shit. They just say they do. I really diubt it that they even played dayz one single hour on consoles. We all got scammed, and we still play that pile if shit because if what it promises us wants to be, it could be, or should be. But it never will.