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Server jumpers with mini gun ps4
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Was at my castle base far west center of map had like 4 server jumpers loading in and out making us lag killed one psn user name james2k8. Then got killed my friend was behind me and said 2 more loaded in and one hit him with chain gun/ mini gun even hit his friend but they had yellow bubble around them so no friendly fire damage. Been working on my base ever since game came out to get raided by server hopping maybe moders because can’t find mini gun info anywhere plus when I msg them I git ddos from sever#2638 this happened ay around 4pm Wisconsin time please get back to me soon and thank you for taking my report.


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Windows 7
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Video clip of them spawning in making nap not render could see them looting through buildings

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No modding online on ps4 and yep people can just be in your lobby now and match gamertags to ip address because sonys weak encryption lol. My advice is to look into a vpn router or sharing it from a pc to your console fyi they just broke the encryption like a week ago so expect it to happen alot more often as more people find out about it. Oh and the devs don't read this form i have posts from a month ago still did not get a response soo yea rip btw post the video i would like to see these losers myself lmao

Got ddos attacked last night dude told me wat state I live in like thanks for evidence