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Cars in general - Big lag spikes
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i have fixed quite a lot of cars and every car i have fixed has been crashed not because i cant drive but in some areas of the map especially when you come up to a town the game freezes for about a couple of seconds most of the time and the car that you are driving violently spins out of control and crashes and after you come out of the game being frozen 90% of the time you car is in a tree a house a wall etc. There is no point of fixing a car because they are so laggy when you drive them and then the big lag spikes end up in your car being broken. Please fix Bohemia


Operating System
Windows 7
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just drive a car

Additional Information

fix your game please because i love it

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Same on xbox since cars came out. You get lag spikes everytime weather and lighting changes too. I play the game since it came out on xbox. Every update was more of a downdate. Sloppy devs, they dont care about the players imo. Actually i‘m sure we all got scammed. Today we drive a car since a long time, a friend drive it, i was passenger. I had endless lag, on my screen the car stopped and warped 3-4 times a second. You can doublecarry backpacks if you find out how. So you can wear ghillies and backpacks. The game is practically unplayable. Im a old dude, i olay games since 1990 and i‘ve never played such a bugged game before. People really want a game like dayz proclaims it wants to be. And that since years of developing. The game is in early access but the örice us full release. They must have got a million sales lately only on consoles. X50 euros thats 50 million euros. They just take the money and promise to do their best. I was construction worker and later architect, if i sold people houeses in the state of this game (no roof) as a finished product, i‘d be in jail. Fuck bohemia, you scammed us, you lied to us (pc players for years), and you laugh at us!