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Items are bugged!!!!
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The inventory seems to be bugged with the update that just got pushed a couple dayZ ago. I can't do anything with some items in what I have tested to be the Sea Chest, Car Tent, Gun Slots, Medium Tent, Clothes on dead people, and Car Inventory. Seems to be when a lot of items fill one space. Also seems to be more common with larger items.

I am currently staring at items in my Sea Chest that are now untouchable. (Battery, helmet, and barbed wired)

I can pick the chest up and remove the items from it, but by doing so it makes the object untouchable on the ground. The item will dissapear from where you left it if you reload the server.

A similar problem happened to a suppressor on my Skorpion. It appeared to be attached but the game didn't register it. I shot a zombie thinking I was suppressed and almost died because of the mob that showed up. I dropped the suppressor, then reloaded the server. When I reloaded the server, the normalized suppressor was back at the police station I found it at originally. It started attached to the gun when I picked it up.

Players drop their items but nothing shows up for me! I have had lots of players drop items that don't show up in my game. A current workaround is to use duct tape to forcibly place the item in the other persons inventory. It's almost like being able to trade.

Please look into this. I am trying to store enough for a car and I can't use the items i've stored. I make a car and the things I find get locked in the cars inventory. I run out of food and my friend can't share cause I don't see it. I find an enemy base and can't raid it cause the items in the tent are completely untouchable.

Please look into this.

Considering the majority of this game consists of looting, I think this is a major issue.

NOTE: I do not make duplicates of items, all my items were found as random loot. They shouldn't be bugged to begin with. Also I am on xbox One X Official Server: 4191 however it happens on all servers (first-person as well)
NOTE: this is the same issue that someone else is having. Their post is titled: T141482: Cannot pick up packed medium tent off ground.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Best way to see this glitch is to kill a player and ruin their shirt, then try to remove an item from their clothes.

Even if you don't ruin their clothes this still occurs.

You can get around this glitch and take their stuff after they die by removing their clothes (by dropping their clothes on the ground by holding X). You may need to pick up their clothes and put them in some cases.

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Playing on the XBOX ONE X

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