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Server Hopping
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So I’m found a out a major problem to where people can literally join different servers and still have their stuff, instead of spawning in as a new character. This can make it to where I’m having a base being built or locking myself into building and people can literally just go into a different server, go inside the building, join the original server you just left, and take what ever they want inside. I think this is completely ridiculous and games like Unturned or Conan Exiles, you would have to make a new character every time you join a new server. It’s unfair to others who work so hard for their supplies for it to be stolen by a horrible glitch or bug. I would HIGHLY recommend you fix this please, so that way me and my friends can enjoy our time playing this game more. Thank you! (PS4 - All Servers)


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Windows 7
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Just please make it to where you can’t join other servers, while having your stuff, so the game can be more fun and just making a new life for each server you join.

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Every other game like this has done the same thing with a new life for every server.

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Please spread this awareness out to other so the message gets out and the bug needs to be fixed NOW!

This game has been out for years, so I hope they still listen.

Dober added a subscriber: Dober.Jun 24 2019, 11:28 AM

they put a statement out that they are working on this issue. there will be spawn spots for Server Hopping. so you will not spawn in where you logged out if you Server hopp

How long will it take to fix that, do you know? Thank you for replying btw.

hmm as much as i know it will be on update 1.04 in? July?? not sure