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Bohemia Interactive's Self Neglect
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Bohemia Interactive's inability to get this game fixed just caused my friend to uninstall DayZ. The only friend of mine who would play this game with me no longer cares about DayZ and neither do I anymore and it's all because this company sold us an unfinished pile of garbage. I actually gave the game a chance, I could look past it's flaws and bugs and enjoy the game. That is until the game glitched so badly it killed my friend. After a lot of time and effort finding parts to build a vehicle the car all of a sudden started flipping and rolling and instantly killed my friend. We put literal weeks into building that car and planning a base, and just like that the car is destroyed and my friend is killed. Thanks Bohemia for making him uninstall the game. I'll tell you step by step how it happened: we stopped the car, I exited the vehicle, my friend put the car in reverse and all of a sudden the car was flung across the map killing him and sending all our hard work down the drain. All of this happened because B.I. won't fix their game. Every day in the bottom left corner of my screen B.I. is telling it's player base to report any bugs found. Well, I've reported several by now, this one being the absolute worst, and B.I. doesn't care. You took my money, and all I got was a laggy buggy disappointment.


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The longer you wait to fix the game the more people will end up leaving the regular playerbase. Fix the game before everyone realizes how terrible it is.

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