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Guns failing to reload when in combat
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Every other time I’m engaged in a fight with zombies, wolves, or players, my quick reload fails to work properly with guns. I was running a cr527 and Usg .45 when I was attacked by wolves. I killed dang near the whole pack til I pushed triangle and nothing. I attempted to reload both guns and neither worked. I died, Then 3 hours later it happened again, but this time my cr527 magazine wouldn’t eject. It’s stuck in the gun. I tried dropping it, pressing triangle, combining in the menu. Nothing. I did manage to load one in the chamber from a pile of 7.62x39 I had in my inventory, but the clip is still stuck. I also let my friend try with a different magazine and nothing. All attachments are pristine. The gun is in working condition. These problems only seems to happen when in combat or after combat. I’ve also had a shotgun do this at one point. This has got me killed a few times and is quite annoying. Especially when it happens every other time!!!


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Get a gun, get into a few fights with your firearms and your guns won’t reload or the clips get stuck in said firearm.

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X__Celtic___ triaged this task as Immediate priority.

I found that the plate carrier pouch has a bug that makes any magazine in it unable to be loaded using the quick reload button (triangle). If the magazines are moved to another article of clothing, they are then able to be loaded using triangle.