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Can’t hit with melee, teammate says I was shooting
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So I normally carry a gun around Incase I run into enemy players, I’ll use L1, the quick equip tab to switch to my knife when I encounter zombies. Well I equipped my knife, or so I thought; as it appeared the knife was in my hands. Well when I attacked the zombie my hits weren’t registering which I thought was odd. My bud said I was shooting my gun as he heard the shots. I didn’t believe him til zombies came from all around. We ran into a house and I logged out and logged back in. After I logged back in I cycled through my firearms to see I had emptied my whole m4 magazine. My buddy was right. Even though I had a knife equipped the game registered it as my M4. This has happened to me 2x. I forgot to report it when it happened, this happened about a week ago.


Operating System
Windows 7
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I’m not sure what produces this bug. I think it may have something to do with the quick equip tab.

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It’s a issue with the server and your character, you have to leave the server and join back to fix the issue