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Car bug
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I was walking to bolota airfield and on the main road there was a car spawn with nothing but 1 tire and a hood. I walked up to the drivers door and got in, where almost immediately i heard what i thought was suppressed gunfire and i was knocked out with half health that quickly went to empty flashing red. After i woke up i was floating above the car, stuck in head turn mode(as if i was holding L1 but i wasnt) and my walking controls were messed up in that if i pressed forward i went left-up. I decided that it wasnt a player and it was a game glitch at this point and started to figure out how i was gonna get back to the normal world. I saw rhe car was still there and thought if i got in it i could just get out and id be on the ground. Well i got into the car just fine, but when i got out my screen went black. And its been 15 minutes at this point and my screen is still black, and says im in the car. Im still able to access my inventory but nothing else.


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Windows 7

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