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Designated Quick Slots
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  1. Label quick slots 1, 2 and three (clockwise from top)
  2. These slots can be labeled as Quick Slot 1, Quick Slot 2, and Quick Slot 3.


  1. Tap Y to bring Quick Slot 1 (primary weapon) to hands quickly (not while in inventory).
  2. Tap Y again with primary weapon (or any item) in hands to alternate between Quick Slot 1 and Quick Slot 2.


  1. Double tap Y to bring up item in Quick Slot 3 (not while inventory).

-Tapping Y once, will always bring up Quick Slot 1 item to hands (not Quick Slot 2).
-These button combos always work, regardless if we have another item in our hands. Both single tap Y and double tap Y will bring respective items to hands and place the items that were previously in hands to inventory.
-While this was thought so that the player can equip a primary weapon in QS1, secondary weapon in QS2 and a melee weapon or pistol in QS3, it should be designed so that any item placed in these slots works with these button combos.

Please look at the attached image.


Operating System
Windows 7

Event Timeline

Reload button can be mapped to LT+X. X button is the default reload button for most games, but since we have a lot of needed actions with the X, LT+X is a viable option.

Alternatively we can use the old (original) mapping LT+Y for reload.

LT+X is the better option of the two because in case of messing up the combo our player will do nothing when pressing X, while in the case of LT+Y, if we mess up the combo our player will switch guns, which could be annoying.

Please consider this in conjunction with older ticket below for improving quickslots in general: