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Basic Game Functions
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Can not lock gate once you take the lock off. Like, can NEVER relock it.... ever. not even with a different lock. not even another player can find your base and lock it. it just doesn't work anymore, EVER! (It is worth noting that this was found because we had a lock on our gate, logged on one day and it wouldn't open. we put the code in 94769812437189765 times and it wouldn't open. once built another gate and put the SAME lock on it, the code worked.)


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Put a 3 digit combination lock on a gate. Go into the your inventory (the touch pad button), go over to the gate. Press R2 to go to the lock, hove over the lock, press (X) to put the lock in your hands. There you have it. you can never put a lock on the gate again, can never add any attachments (Barbed wire, metal, another lock, etc.). The lock will not work, you can not add another lock, you can't do a single thing beyond open and close the gate. (It's worth noting that the lock will not always unlock when you put in the 3 digit code.)

Additional Information

Basic game functions do not work, or are easily bugged by INSANELY easy preventable measures. IE (make it so that the lock can NOT be taken out of the gate inventory if in use. Actually, NOTHING should be able to be removed if in use. Can easily doublicate because of this too btw. Let me know if you wanna know how to doublicate. Can easily turn 1 or 2 materials into HUNDREDS!!!)

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