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Server hopping to raid
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You need to add some sort of land claim like a flag or object, so when someone jumps server to land in a base it spawns them out side of claimed land this is really needed as I have gave up on the game feeling like it’s a waste of money since I keep getting robbed by people who find my camp, then jump server walks forward then jumps back to the server and there in my base what’s the point of building. I was told that’s the point of bear traps and land mines, then why is it I place them and when I go to other areas of the map or sign out they despawn! Shits point less. Please tweet if u sort this out and me and my friends will be happy to come back on the game but for now we will stick to borderlands


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Land claim needed

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David3136 triaged this task as Immediate priority.

Agreed. Tents are only good for use as lures, especially on PS4 where loot gets stuck in the inventory.

my buds and I were wondering if that could happen. Agreed. they need a land claim item, or to make it where if you server hop it puts you in random places off the beach, like when you first start.