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Paid $50 for a broken game.
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So I’ve had 3 runs on Dayz. First run I got pretty good gear. Ended up making a mistake and dying to zombies. I wasn’t too mad about it because it was my fault. But 2/3 runs have ended because of glitches. First scenario. I’m fully geared and have anything I could possibly want, yet I haven’t been able to do any PVP. What kills me is, running down the flight of stairs at the red barn in Stary, it catapaulted me into the air and killed me. Third life. I was at the airstrip. FULLY GEARED. Killed another played and was swarmed by zombies. When I selected my quick wheel, my whole interface locked up. I couldn’t do anything accept watch this zombie hit me. I shut off my console in hopes that it would log me out of the server. Came back to see my character alive on the home screen, yet spawned in to a new character.


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Windows 7

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