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Looting Dead Players
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A majority of the time I or my friends have killed players, the dead players inventory (dead player) has become glitches and we are unable to loot it except through certain methods that don’t entirely work. When we check players bodies we do a test to see what we can grab, if pressing Square or holding it on items doesn’t take it to inventory or remove from clothing (dead players) it means the item’s glitched and inaccessible. The only way to take items which doesn’t really work is by removing clothing from dead player and taking it to hands, after that you can do the aforementioned take to the inventory or remove from clothing; doing so though is only a temp visual fix because as soon as you take those items you are unable to action use any items like drink water or eat food. Logging of and logging back on at this point will fix your player so that he can use items again but any items you had to force into your inventory by holding the clothing items (of dead player) will be back in the said clothing where they were before. This makes looting players very frustrating and as it is a core part of the game it could be considered game breaking in a sense, please patch this soon.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Kill a player

Additional Information

Their inventory become glitched upon death, we thought it could be related to the condition of the players equipment upon death. Ex: ruined backpack = glitched items inside backpack. Idk either way most instances of looting dead players has been met with glitched inventory.

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