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Tent Disappeared
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I was playing with a friend named Tanner Henk for a few hours and he had found a tent before I got on. It turned night when I got on and he rearranged his inventory throughout the night so he could fit all of his things in his backpack and carry a backpack full of stuff as well. When it turned day we made our way to a base camp spot that we had scouted out and decided to start a camp, along the way he checked multiple times for the tent and it was still there but when we stopped at a military station in between Dubrovka and and he picked up the backpack the tent had magically disappeared. Not only has there been trouble with this before but with much less important items, but when it comes to the medium tent that he lost it is unacceptable and a priority as we now have no way to set up camp or store all of his things safely without them disappearing over time. If you could please email me back at letting me know if it will be returned to him or when y’all plan on fixing this bug and the many other bugs in this expensive and well anticipated game.

Thank you,
Cooper Holm


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Windows 7

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This was being played on PS4.